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Our Assurance

Our services users, staff and external stakeholders should expect the highest quality of care, as we collaboratively offer a bespoke package. They should expect effective, safe and appropriate care, respect and treatment that meets and protects their care, employment, collaboration and needs. CapitalPro would like to give opportunities and encouraged to speak up and give feedback.  You should expect annual surveys and regular contact with the leads from CapitalPro and benefit from our transparency, availability and flexibility.


We have ensured we have a complaints processes in place, accessible, and will be investigated in a timely fashion, and escalated according to our policy.


CapitalPro is sorry that you have a complaint to make, but before you do so, would you like to talk to our complaints team? You can call them on 01708871617 and ask for the complaints team. If not please fill in the form below.

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